Welcome to Empower Performance & Fitness Blog

Welcome to Empower Performance & Fitness Blog


Welcome to Empower Yourself: The Empower Performance & Fitness Blog

I’m excited to use this forum to bring you ongoing education, inspiration and easy to implement ideas to create a strong and healthy lifestyle. At Empower we are passionate about just that – empowering others to make small (and big) changes that make a difference, both now and for your future.

I often hear people say ‘I’m not the working out type’. But you never hear someone say ‘My health doesn’t matter to me.” And that is exactly the point. Health matters to everyone. In shape or out, running races or standing on the sidelines, in the health food aisle or the cookie aisle, everyone wants to be healthy. And I believe everyone can be.

I also believe in achieving health goals without damaging your health. Too often I see people at the gym moving improperly, people on ‘diets’ missing key nutrients, or people training right but not giving their bodies enough time to recover from hard work. I believe fitness is a lifestyle choice. It’s not a workout kick, or a diet, or training for a single event. It’s looking holistically at all you do to and for your body, and making intentional choices about all of it.

I also believe in setting realistic short and long term goals. Maybe you want to run a marathon or squat 250 lbs or go vegan. But you have to start somewhere. And setting too aggressive a goal is the single biggest driver of either giving up or getting hurt – each dangerous to a healthy lifestyle. Short term goals help you see results, so you are motivated by your own success. There’s nothing like catching a glimpse of your newly cut arms as you pass a mirror, or PRing in a race. But long term goals make sure you are keeping the future in mind – and that with your short-term achievements you’re not sacrificing your ability to move well or fight disease well into old age. And I believe in setting achievable goals. Run a 5K before training for a marathon. Lift light and get the movement right before stacking your bar. Don’t let your ego get the best of your approach. In our “everything at our fingertips” world, it is easy to forget that our quest for health is not something that shows results overnight.

I also believe in a balanced workout regimen. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s important to balance strength training with cardio work in order to maximize health and fitness.

So that’s me. With that philosophy as a foundation, I’m committing to bringing you actionable tips each week that can help you take control of your health. What are you committing to?

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