Our Philosophy

Empowering you to move healthy, move strong, and move right

At EmpowerPF, we work with each client to identify their goals and provide a personalized path to achieve them, while keeping your overall heath our number one priority. Be it athletic performance, fitness or enhancing your appearance, we will create a realistic, achievable, and balanced plan to help you achieve your goals, and maybe even surprise yourself by what you are capable of.

Our experience has shown that too often when people take on new health and fitness routines without clear goals, guidance and direction, or focus strictly on performance, they don’t see results – or worse — end up injured. Our approach starts with you – what you want, what you need, what you are trying to achieve, and what you are capable of. Our assessment-based approach creates a balanced, personalized plan to address your personal barriers to fitness, performance, strength and health.

We thrive on open communication between our coaches and our clients. Through both a carefully crafted system of tools based on state-of-the-art technologies to provide virtual support, and through good old fashioned conversations and meetings, we build relationships dedicated to motivating your successes.  We know your time is valuable. And we are committed to helping you make the most of the time you invest in yourself.

We work with each client at a pace best suited for him or her, and one focused on proper movement patterns, solid nutrition, and sufficient recovery time for your body. As teachers we’re passionate about transferring our knowledge of the science and skills to our clients in order to empower a more self-reliant future.