Strength & Conditioning

Empowering Strength – Empowering Conditioning – Empowering You

EmpowerPF knows that serious athletes don’t have months or even weeks to wait for performance improvements. Competition is fierce to make the team, claim your position, or see that trophy. From figure skaters to race car drivers, basketball players to baseball players, as EmpowerPF sports training client, you will start to see and feel positive results from all the work we do together – in the on- and off-season. We analyze your sport and position specific needs and create a plan from there.

We’ll start by testing your functional strength, muscle imbalance and physical limitations, body composition and athletic performance. After your evaluation we’ll design a comprehensive performance training program prescribed to meet your individual goals, to address the strength, power, mobility and speed aspects of your sport and position, and the flexibility, endurance and nutritional components of your performance.

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