Winter is a Season, not an Excuse

Winter is a Season, not an Excuse

Earlier this month Punxatawney Phil told us there would be 6 more weeks of winter, and would-be future fitness buffs hit snooze on their plans to ‘get started working out’ with likely a mix of regret and relief. As the Northeast sits snow-covered, we’re comforted by our bulky sweaters and all the excuses bad weather brings. But now is the perfect time to take control of your health and make sure that by the time bathing suit season hits you’re already feeling great.

Here are 5 tips to make the most of this winter:

  1. Help reduce inflammation through diet.  Add spices like turmeric and foods like leafy greens are a great start.  Avoid Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils (especially heated) when you cook. Olive, Avocado and coconut oils are great alternatives.
  2. Move more and sit less. EVERYONE can find more time to move throughout the day, even if you can’t set aside time for a proper Snow Abs | EmpowerPFworkout. Set a phone or Outlook alert to remind you to get up from your desk once every hour and do 10 squats right there in your office. Take the steps instead of the elevator when running between meetings. Close the office door during a long conference call and alternate between wall squats and lunges (just remember to mute when you start breathing heavy!)  No privacy at work? Commit to spending 30 minutes of your nightly TV routine in these positions (and have your spouse or roommate join you too).
  3. Stay hydrated. This is easier to remember in the summer when our bodies cue us that they’re thirsting for water. But hydration is important year-round, and this includes taking in enough electrolytes. But don’t waste time with high-sugar ‘sports drinks’. Simply adding natural pure sea salt to your diet and remembering to drink will do the trick.
  4. Manage your magnesium. Nowadays most people are magnesium deficient. Adding magnesium to your diet can be helpful for rest, relaxation and cell function. Magnesium supplements are available in several forms. Ask at your local health food store (and stay tuned for future a future post on the benefits of magnesium for, shall we say ‘regularity’)
  5. Register for a Competition. Warm weather brings races, and nowadays you can find a 5K almost every weekend all spring long. Setting an achievable goal, time-bound goal like this will help keep you motivated, and get you out of bed on even the coldest of mornings. A performance coach can help you build a training plan to get you the results you’re looking for. But even 2 miles of treadmill time/day will keep your heart rate up this winter and get you ready for the big race.   If running isn’t your thing, sign up for a weightlifting competition and work towards setting new personal bests in the big lifts.

Try one or all of these this winter and see how much better you feel. It will help you build a great foundation and gear up for a fitness-filled spring.

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